12140 Pulaski Hwy
Joppa, MD 21085
The worm farm operation is housed on a piece of property in Baltimore County, MD not far from Washington, DC. The farm has a 10,000 + square foot building which is home to our worms.  This building is heated during the colder months so we are able to maximize the worms producing castings year round.
Earthworms in buckets
Worm Castings being screened
Worm castings are harvested, packaged, and stored indoors. Earthworm castings are available in 5lb. bags, 30lb. bags and one ton super sacks.  Inquire today about delivery or pick up of earthworm castings directly from WD Organics, Wirtz & Daughters, or another supplier.
Down on the farm, WD Organics is able to mix all natural bedding material along with organic feed on site.

We keep all necessary products close at hand, so we may keep producing the natural organic fertilizer.

The Worm Farm

Our worm room