Pure earthworm castings, otherwise known as worm “poo”, are the richest
natural fertilizer known to humans. Castings actually contain a perfect mix
of nutritional needs. Our organic worm castings are completely harmless to
plants (in any dosage), pets or children. You cannot ‘burn’ a plant by over
use of castings, even if you planted in 100% castings. Castings will improve
soil aeration and drainage, as well as increase water retention in soil.

Earthworm castings have no odor and are safe for indoor or outdoor use. 
There is a slight fresh dirt odor that comes from the material in which the
organic castings were created. Pure earth worm castings have been actually
known to suppress odors. 

Earth worm castings are the perfect ingredient to add to any existing soil.
Whether to be used as a soil conditioner or as a casting tea, on vegetables,
roses, trees, shrubs, new and established lawns, it is guaranteed you will
see them thrive.

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Organic Worm Castings

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