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WD Organics produces a natural organic fertilizer known as OrganoRich  
Earthworm Castings, which are now OMRI listed. We provide high quality  
products for both organic and non-organic farms, groundskeepers of sports  
fields and golf courses, commercial and casual gardeners, and landscape  
contractors. WD Organics supplies economical and sustainable alternatives  
to the harsh chemicals that are killing the natural fertility of our soils and  
polluting our waters. Contact WD Organics today to see what we can do for  
OrganoRich Earth Worm Castings

WD Organics produces OrganoRich Earthworm Castings Natural Organic
Fertilizer at our farm located in Baltimore County, MD.  This fertilizer is
composed of 99.9% earthworm castings and is OMRI listed.  This natural
fertilizer can be immediately absorbed by plant and lawns. Earth worm
castings provide nutrition which slowly feeds the plant for long periods of
time. OrganoRich is an extremely effective fertilizer. We sell 5lbs, 30lbs,
and bulk one ton super sacks. A little will go a long way. Contact us today
for a free sample.
OrganoRich Earthworm Castings
Blended Soils

WD Organics provides leaf compost, earthworm castings, soils and  
aggregates. WD organics has the capabilities of custom blending to your  
specifications. WD Organic also provides their own blends already pre-
mixed and available on site. Call WD Organics today to inquire about  
custom soil blends to your exact specifications in bulk or super sacks.
Worm Castings
Worm castings are the richest natural
fertilizer known to humans. We use african
night crawler worms and collect their pure
earthworm castings.
Soil Mixes
We mix our castings with leaf compost to
make the perfect garden soil that will
meet all of your needs.
We work with Wirtz and Daughters and
other distributors to sell our OrganoRich
Earthworm Castings in bags or in bulk.
Delivery is available.